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Mission Espada
Mission Espada
10040 Espada Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78214
Phone: 210-627-2021

In 1731, after their retreat from East Texas, the founders of San Francisco de los Tejas moved the mission to the San Antonio River and renamed it San Francisco de la Espada. Espada appears as remote today as it did in the mid 1700s.       
It boasts the best-preserved segments of the historic acequias (the irrigation system designed to provide water for crops) part of which includes the still working Espada dam and aqueduct. In 1995, the ranch that once supported Mission Espada, Rancho de las Cabras near Floresville, became part of the National Historical Park and is currently open on a limited basis.

9am - 5pm daily
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.                                                                             

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